Dr. Kjell Dahlen, Ophthalmology

The human eye is an extremely precise system that processes incoming light signs and adjusts to constantly changing circumstances. I should have followed the advice of other reviewers on Yelp and went somewhere else but my new insurance will not cover my regular optometrist so made a decision to give this local business my business. The Doctor is great but the lack of company and professionalism of the personnel in leading is now prompting me to look somewhere else even after spending the $95 out of pocket for my vision session AND contact fitted fee. Sorry, but you have lost me and my family's business for good.
I use the computer at home and at work for typically 9 hours each day and don't need eyeglasses. This is merely because I've resisted hearing opticians who advised I want them. Instead I have exercised my sight and after a few weeks of training my eyes, they have returned back again to normal vision. specifically for conditions like dry eyes, allergies, cataracts and floaters-those little squiggles that come in some people's field of perspective. You can also read how natural eye care and attention can help every member of your family-including your family pet!
Everything you see isn't actually the floater itself, but the shadow it casts onto the retina. Floaters move as your eye move. They may actually zoom away when you make an effort to look straight at them, and drift slowly when your eye stop moving. This place is a major rip off. A simple pair of solitary vision eyeglasses with an average structure, cost us over $600 so we had to pay over $100 out of pocket since our insurance pays $500.
Here at 100% PURE®, we're focused on outstanding eye maintenance systems and we think you will be one of our best pupils! Your eye (and the skin surrounding them) are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so it's best to be careful with any products you put on or around them. Our enviable selection of products is free of potentially harmful chemical compounds, meaning it's never been easier or more convenient to get eye that light up the room.
Dr. Mohammad Ashfaq and his staff at My Eye-sight Care continue to provide first-class service. He is an extremely thoughtful specialist who provides proper care but is a tutor by trait, thus he obviously explains the issue and adversary affects that can impede any improvement. I live and work in DC and without a vehicle I still make my method for my office sessions. That's not my nature to go out of my way as a result, but it's a classic testament to the service of Dr. Ashfaq and his personnel.

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